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Here are the answers to the guess the artists game, at least the ones that weren't guessed:

Answers )
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The last pic spam post was fun and while I was sifting through the several hundred (okay, maybe just 20) mood theme pictures I had in my photobucket account, I found more baby pictures!

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Let's have a pic spam post! Post with embarrassing childhood photos! Celebrities you dig! Posting the same celebrity over and over is totally okay just as long as it isn't the same picture. I'll start!!!

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I've had the second Serenity: Better Days comic for awhile and I totally meant to share some cool stuff with my non-comic reading friends but I totally forgot. So here are some Jayne and River bits of info and pictures! \0/

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1. Open iTunes. (I'm using Windows Media Player, so suck on that, Apple.)
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 25 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your flist guess who the artists are.

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You know those people who are all ashamed to read Harry Potter books so they get the "adult" covers to appear less dorky? Well, I've gone and done the same thing for the crack BSC series. No more embarrassing block letters, folks!

New Stacey Loves the Invisible Man cover! )

New Kristy and The Doctor cover! )

New Wanna Get It On, Dawn? cover! )

New Your Boyfriend Snorts Cocaine, Mary Anne! cover! )

Variant Cover for the Upcoming Claudia and the Pirate! )

And because I'm really insane: Cereal Box Promoting the Soon to Be Planned/Written Jessi's Ghostbuster story! )
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A few days back, Hitchcock and I went with Hippie to the art annex where we played with clay. Hippie was working on her project for her ceramics class and Hitch and I had Doctor Who on the brain and created AWESOMENESS.

The Doctor Battles The Daleks! )


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