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Location:Washington, United States of America


I leave tv show/movie/book reviews open as well as fic and random memes. Meeblings about everyday life usually get locked.

♥ Wanna-be writer ♥ Aspiring Doctor Companion ♥ Gutter mouth ♥


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agatha christie, american horror story, angel the series, arrested development, baloo the bear, betty and veronica, betty boop, blue jeans, books, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, carmen sandiego, cats, christopher eccleston, christopher guest movies, clara oswald, clara/twelve, comics, discworld, doctor who, donna noble, dorks, douglas adams, english accents, fables, fanfic, fiction, firefly, freckles, freema agyeman, gail simone, ghost stories, great big sea, harry potter, hiking, history, jane austen, jayne cobb, jayne/river, jem and the holograms, jenna coleman, jeremy brett, jim gaffigan, kate nash, kathy griffin, lily allen, little britain, lord of the rings, mad men, mamas and the papas, mamma mia!, married to the sea, martha jones, marvel cinematic universe, matt smith, mcu, mermaids, monty python, my little pony, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nathan fillion, nature, neil gaiman, nine/rose, old school nickelodeon, one hit wonders, orange is the new black, orange skittles, orphan black, peter capaldi, procrastinating, psychology, rayne, reading, red dwarf, river tam, river/jayne, rose/nine, sarcasm, saturday night live, scientology and the aftermath, seashells, serenity, sherlock holmes, slurpees, snl, sociology, sporks, summer glau, tank girl, terry pratchett, the beach boys, the beatles, the chronicles of narnia, the dude, the good place, the princess bride, the twilight zone, the wizard of oz, thursday next, trees, twelve/clara, underpants gnomes, unicorns, wonder woman, writing
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