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Title: Rewiring (1/2)
Author: toxic_corn
Pairing: River/Jayne
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Everything is Joss's. Not mine.
Summary: A medical study gives River an idea...

She had never been much of a sleeper. Even before the Academy got hold of her and cut away bits of her brain, replacing them with memories of Miranda, it would take her several hours after laying down to finally fall asleep. Simon always said her restlessness was due to her brain’s high functionality; something so big and powerful would take time to shut down.

River sat in the cockpit for the third time that week, surfing the Cortex while everyone else was fast asleep and dreaming. She could sense one mind still awake but she had learned how to stay out of other people’s heads so she wasn’t entirely sure who it was. She continued to read medical studies, hoping it would be so pedestrian that she’d be bored into slumber but one of the subjects grabbed her attention and made her sit up straight.

The emotion centers in women’s brains show no activity during an orgasm. River felt entirely too much. Lately she would lay down to sleep and be washed in so much despair she wanted to weep. A moment without emotion would be a welcome respite after all this time.

Closing the page, River got up and hurried to her room.


Sighing in frustration, River slapped the wall hard. It wasn’t working. She knew where the clitoris was, had manipulated it, and it just felt like… nothing. Like she was rubbing between her legs and if Simon were to walk in unexpectedly, she’d expire on the spot from the embarrassment.

She couldn’t imagine what she was doing wrong. She’d experimented with pressure and speed, going up and down and in circles, and she had enough lubrication. Her stomach clenched tightly, her body demanding a way to find release now that she had worked herself up to this state. It wasn’t fair!

River wiped at the hot tears that trickled down her cheeks and took a shaky breath. There must be something else wrong. She thought back to the article, going over it in her mind and slapped her forehead. Of course. While the women in the study had their brains monitored, their partners had pleasured them.

Well, it was settled then. River would just have to find a partner.


Simon was completely out of the question. River marked him off of her mental check list and moved on. Not Kaylee, either. Simon consumed her thoughts and desires, leaving no room for River. Zoe still shrouded herself in Wash’s memory and she would still consider any other dalliance a betrayal to her husband. Inara was too much of a mother figure. The captain… River considered him a moment. He would take too much convincing. It would take ten minutes alone to express to him what she needed.

That only left Jayne.

… Ew.

River watched him shovel protein into his mouth, hunched over his plate like someone was going to steal something off of it. To be fair, he hadn’t always eaten that way. She had taken food from him before. That was smart in a way. He had adapted to find a solution to his problem. So he wasn’t as stupid as he sometimes acted. And he was kind of handsome when he didn’t have food caught in his mustache. His eyes were a lovely shade of blue that she envied a little and his body was well formed under the ripped t-shirts he seemed so fond of wearing.

“The hell you starin’ at?” Jayne growled, catching her off guard.

“You have something here,” she said, thinking fast and pointing to her upper lip.

He grunted and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and went back to eating.

“Jay-aaaayne,” Kaylee said, “We got napkins for that.”

“Hand works just as well,” he said disinterestedly, used to the complaints by now.

Yes, he showed remarkable adaptability. He could help her.


River stood outside his bunk and clenched her fists. She could sense he was still awake. He was sleepy but in a rather pleasant mood. Her presence would disturb him but he would recover. Maybe he would accept her proposition; the worst he could do was say no.

Or laugh.

Before she could over think this anymore, she quickly opened the door and hurried down the ladder. She found Jayne on his bed, reading a magazine while he ran a hand up and down his belly absently. His eyes narrowed when he saw her.


She said the first thing that came to mind. “I’m surprised you didn’t pull out one of your guns.”

He snorted. “I knew you wasn’t armed.”

“Oh. Well. You’re correct. I’m not.” She bit her lip and felt ridiculous. “How did you know--”

“Anyone else would’ve waited ‘til morning instead of bargin’ in here.” He tossed his magazine on the floor and sat up, resting on an elbow. “Whaddya need?”

“I have a request.” She paused and when all he did was snort, she continued. “I want my emotions to go away. So if you could please stimulate my clitoris until I climax, I would appreciate it.”

Jayne’s jaw dropped. “Do what now?”

“Stimulate my clitoris until I cli-”

“This some kinda joke? Is it April Fool’s?” He frowned. “Hell, what month is it..?”

River shook her head. “No joke, no fools. And it’s July, by the way. So will you help me?”

“How do I know you ain’t gonna run off and tell Kaylee all about it if I do?”

“So you’re considering it?”


Desperate, River decided to speak the language he was fluent in. “I can pay you.”

“How much?” he asked, looking suspicious.

“A bar of chocolate.”

“C’mere then.”

Breathing out a sigh of relief, River crossed the small room to stand in front of him, awaiting further instruction.


Despite himself, Jayne was intrigued by this turn of events. The little weird girl wanted him to finger her? For chocolate, he’d do just about anything. Plus she was kinda cute in her own way. Especially now looking all nervous and blushing.

“Lay down,” he instructed her. She did so, getting onto the bed gingerly and he helped her get into position, resting her legs across his lap. “You got any panties on?”

She shook her head, body stiff.

“How much ya want me to see? Should I just stick my hand under or what?”

“Just your hand, please,” she said in a tight little voice.

“Okay.” He moved his hand low and then suddenly attacked her tummy with his fingers, digging in mercilessly.

“Eeeee!” She jackknifed up, giggling uncontrollably and Jayne had to laugh along with her. “Whyyyy?”

“Cuz you need to loosen up, girl!” He moved from her tummy to her knee, resting his hand there comfortably. “How ya feelin’ now?”

“Better,” she admitted.

He nodded. “Right. Let’s get on with this, then.” He ran his hand from her knee, up her thigh, and under her skirt, going slow in case she changed her mind. Her skin felt smooth under his rough calluses, and he stopped when his fingers touched her wiry curls. “Still with me?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Jayne lightly stroked the soft hair between her legs, watching her face. She seemed puzzled and he said quietly, “Gotta get yourself in the mood first. You can’t just go straight for the hot button first. Gotta get all the gears turnin’ and your motor revvin’.”

River looked at him incredulously and burst out laughing.

“What?” He scowled and his hand stilled. “What’s so gorram funny?”

“I’m sorry,” she gasped. “That just struck me as funny.” When he continued to glare at her she said, “I’m nervous.”

“Well, don’t be,” he said gruffly. He waited until the giggles subsided and then went back to petting her.

She let out a choked sound. “Hot button…”

Sighing in disgust, Jayne waited until her second bout of laughter wrapped up. He’d rather be feeling a porcupine up than this girl. “You know, I’m doin’ you a favor.”

“No!” She pointed at him, eyes wide. “I’m paying you!”

“Right! So how’s about we get going with this so’s I can get paid? And if you don’t come, I’m gettin’ my chocolate anyway.”

“Who says?” she challenged him.

“I do. Now shut the hell up so I can work my magic.” When the corners of her mouth twitched, he gave her a warning look and she covered her mouth looking apologetic.

Jayne resumed stroking her hair for a few moments before dipping his thumb lower to assess how ready she was. All girls her age were wet and he wasn’t surprised to find a bit of moisture. Slowly, he started to lightly run his finger up and down her slit.

“Mmm,” she murmured, shifting her hips. He glanced up at her and saw she had closed her eyes, head cocked to the side. The look on her face bumped her up from kinda cute to kinda pretty.

“I think you’re likin’ this,” he rumbled. She only whimpered in response and he swallowed. Dipping the tip of his finger inside her, he found her much more wet and coated his finger before moving up to her clitoris. He gave it a little tap and she gasped, hips bucking. “You okay?” he asked, just to make sure.

“Ye-eeeesss.” She lifted her hips to urge him on. “Hate this part. Aches.”

“I know. But I’ll take care of that, okay?” He started to rub her clit carefully, up and down, and her breathing picked up. Watching her, he felt himself starting to get excited but tried to push that away. This was all about her. She’d asked him for it since she needed it so bad.

Oh, and she was paying him in chocolate. Right. Nowhere in the deal did it say he was gonna get anything other than that.

River moaned suddenly and Jayne sat up straighter, speeding up his up and down motions. “Noooo,” she protested. “Same as before.”

“Like this?” Uuuuup doooown uuuuup doooown

“Yes,” she mewled.

He kept that pace up until she started panting harshly, face turning dark pink as her thighs trembled and he knew she was close. He pressed a little harder and watched River Tam fly apart, making him groan, almost feeling her pleasure himself.


Hot. Oh so hot, hotter than she’d ever felt before. It spread through her tummy, her thighs, the soles of her feet, her breasts, oh everywhere. It was glorious. And she felt it when her emotions went away, switched off like a light. All that could exist in that moment was blessed physical sensation, sobbing as Jayne gave her peace.

He was still rubbing but it was starting to hurt so she reached under her skirt and pulled his hand away. “Thank you,” she breathed, feeling herself still pulsing between her legs. What a fascinating feeling.

“Yeah,” he said, and then cleared his throat.

Shakily, River sat up. “That was perfect.”

“I know,” he said and River smiled tiredly. She had always thought his bragging about his success with women was exaggeration but she knew now she had been clearly in the wrong.

“I’ll go and get you your chocolate,” she said and stood up on wobbly legs.

He didn’t look at her. “Nah, you keep it.”

“What?” She didn’t think she heard that correctly. “But you’ve earned it.”

“Well, I don’t want it now,” he snapped. “All I want’s some gorram quiet so I can get some sleep.”

River blinked, feeling a little hurt even though she probably should’ve expected this from Jayne. “I’m sorry. I’ll go.” She headed for the ladder.

“Did it work?” She gave him a little frown and he clarified, “The emotions or whatever. Did they go away?”

A big smile spread across her face. “Oh, yes. Thank you so much, Jayne.”

He looked off to the side and shrugged uncomfortably. “Sure. And… you ever want ‘em to go away again, you can stop by. If you want.”

Her heart skipped a beat. “Really?”

“That’s what I just said, wasn’t it?” he snapped.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth and make him even grouchier than he already was, River nodded. “All right. Thank you for the offer, Jayne. Good night.”


She hurried up the ladder before he could change his mind and dashed back to her room, eager to clean up.


Jayne waited until she was gone then pulled his erection free from his sweat pants. Maybe his Ma was right; this thing was gonna be the death of him.

Part Two
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