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Bleh. You know how you can get headaches from having your hair in a ponytail for too long? Well, I have a hair-related headache right now just from having my hair tucked behind my ears all day. Sometimes I'm glad that my hair is so thick. This is not one of those times.

ETA: Oh yeah, I finished The Notebook. What. A. Piece. Of. Crap. Spoilery ranting )
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Oh no!!! I can't find a new Who torrent at Mininova!!! I have homework to do and a party I don't really want to attend tonight and I need the torrent now so it can take the two to four hours it usually takes to download. I don't wanna miss Who today!!! *cries* Burn in hell, Mininova!

ETA: Okay, found it. Geez. Now I can do my assignment and avoid my friends list in case another genius at [ profile] lifeonmartha decides to post a spoiler. (I was so glad I'd seen the episode already but what a dillhole. I wanted to punch them on behalf of those who hadn't seen the episode yet.)
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*waits for Doctor Who to download*

*sees it's at 20% and makes a 'hurry up' gesture at Bit Comet*


Want Who.
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Back to LJ. And ugh, I've been having difficulties getting into my Gmail account. Meaning that I can't get into it at all. :/ I asked my brother for help but he just said that the DSL randomly decides it doesn't like a site and won't open it. So I guess I'll be switching to my hotmail for a temporary address. So hopefully nobody sent me anything important or at least anything that can't be dealt with until I get back to my apartment and can check Gmail.


Mar. 12th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Annnnnnd because the universe can't go five minutes without giving me something to be whiny and emo about, I've lost my mp3 player. *bows* Thank you, folks. Anyone wanna start taking requests? I'm pretty sure I can fall down a flight of stairs or drop my cellphone into one of the toilets at school if I concentrate hard enough.
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Once again is being a hobag and won't let me watch Day Break. If someone knows if the torrent for Episode 13 gets posted, will someone tell me? I'm so beyond pissed off right now.

See Chad in my icon? *points* HE'S NOT AMUSED.


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