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I haven't done a YouTube spam in awhile so I thought I'd do that today since I've recently added a million new favorites.

So here is my first ever CANADIAN IDOL YOUTUBE SPAM! *trumpets sound* The neat thing about CI is that unlike American Idol the singers are actually talented. (Come on, now. It's true. We only choose gospel or country singers which get boring, while in Canada there's more overall musical ability. Like with instruments. WOW!) So since the majority of my f-list is from America or Europe or New Zealand, this shall be new to you all. And for the Canadians, you'll all sigh heavily and say, "The show's been over for weeks. It's dead. Please don't resurrect it." Well, I am. Because there were some performances that I really liked and they're all worth watching.

This is... CANADIAN IDOL! )
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Okay... okay... I've just died of cute.

Neil Patrick Harris meets Elmo )

Okay, so we're all on the same page: No more of this "NPH" crap. He's Mr. Neil folks. Elmo said.
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Six hours until Andrew Bernard is back!

These two are so my roommate and me last year. She'd sing and I'd have Jim's long-suffering expression right there. Let's enjoy some more of Andy's vocal stylings!

Here Comes Treble! )
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I wanted to make another YouTube spam so here's a spam dedicated to my favorite music videos I love as an adult. All the other spams were dedicated to childhood and it's time to get current!

Toxic's Favorites )
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I was thinking during break about all the media I've watched over the years that helped shape the person I became and I assembled a short list of what's been responsible for making me... me. Of course, this only covers the first eight years of my life or so.

How Toxic Became Toxic )
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It's been awhile since I last posted something from YouTube so today I present you with my newest find: This video is something I used to have on VHS when I was wee. I used to dance and sing along and would get totally into it. So here it is...


He's the champion, he's the best! )
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Last night, Baby Brother and I watched the worst movie we've ever seen. (Well, the worst movie we've ever seen that wasn't accompanied by a running commentary from Mike Nelson, Tom Servo, and Crow.) It's called... Rockula. This "musical" is about a vampire who puts together a rock band in LA and then tries to save his girlfriend who is mortal but keeps getting reborn every 22 years only to be killed by a pirate in a graveyard with a hambone. I'm totally serious.

Rounding out the cast? Toni Basil as Rockula's mom and Thomas Dolby as the girlfriend's would-be killer. We alternated between this, the Magic Bullet infomercial, and one of the Hypercube movies. Clearly, we need to stop watching late-night tv.

Uncharitable thought as I was going to sleep: "Hey, for once I sat through a bad movie that didn't have Adam Baldwin in it." Zing.

ETA: I'm ashamed to admit that I'm morbidly fascinated by this. Here, watch some Rockula!! )
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Okay, so ever since I was three or four years old, I'd be walking somewhere and I'd get the Oinker Sister's song "I Got A New Way to Walk" stuck in my head. After all this time, I can still picture their performance on Sesame Street perfectly. So finally, I checked YouTube to see if it was there.

I was not disappointed. The Oinkers are SO 80's!


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