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So we were watching tv the other night and the commercial for the remake of Fright Night comes on and I'm sitting there thinking the usual thoughts I think when movies get re-made ("really, Hollywood? Are you out of ideas again? What are your fucking problems?") and I see a familiar face and jolt.

My husband says dryly, "Yes, I think that was David Tennant, too."

*quick google search*

Holy shit, son, David Tennant is playing the Roddy McDowall role. Only he looks like the Ghost of Christmas Present from The Catherine Tate Show. WHAT. You guys realize I might have to actually watch this now, right? God damn it, DT. Why did you have to turn down the Simon Pegg movie? I guess you need to buy Olive shoes and food and stuff.
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Okay, I'm really sick of this whole "let's throw supernatural elements into classic literature cuz it's funny!" trend.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: HAHAHA BEST IDEA EVAR!
Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters: Heh!
Jane Slayre: Oh, so like, Jane Eyre? And slayer? Huh.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: *blank stare*

Every other title I see (Little Vampire Women, Queen Victoria Demon Slayer, Jane and the Damned, The Undead World of Oz, and many many more) is turning me into a pinch-faced, disapproving school marm.

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Is it weird that I keep listening to "In the Air Tonight" and I'm at the point now where I instinctively drum along with That One Part?

I would've left you folks alone and made that a Facebook status but lately my Facebook status is reserved for begging Farmville people for presents/help expanding storage buildings.

EDIT: Okay, is it even weirder that I read this all back to myself and said out loud in my best Daniel Cleaver voice "Yes, what a gripping life you do lead"?
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Wow. So I guess we didn't learn anything from that South Park episode after all, did we, Kanye? Looks like you need to get booked on Celebrity Tool Academy (if such a program existed.)

But hey, you managed to accomplish something: You've turned me into a Taylor Swift fan out of spite. You have done the impossible and that makes you mighty. *eye roll*
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Israel Reyna asks "Does it fit?" Followed up with, "In general, women like vamps."

BRB LOLing forever.
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I just got an email today asking if I wanted a new dick.


Yeah, because those wear out after awhile. You really should replace your dick every 3-5 years. Especially girls, who... oh, wait.

Spam sucks. Especially when it manages to dodge past your spam folder and get into your REAL inbox.
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Did anyone have one of their icons disappear lately? Because the other day when I was uploading some new icons, I noticed that my David Tennant LOL icon had gone AWOL. Not only was it gone, it was replaced by some random fat guy holding a camera.

Bad, LJ. No biscuit. I said no.

Luckily I still had the icon saved and re-uploaded it. Still. No one messes with the Tenner shoes.
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Whenever I sit down to watch the Olympics, I always come across the weird shit. Like the trampoline jumping. Last night it was women's weight lifting. And this no doubt makes me a horrible person but my first thought was, "Oh, this is where the heavy, unattractive girls go." *face palm* So mean. If it's any consolation, I immediately decided I was garbage.

Anyway, I watched the weight lifting and there's two ways they have to go about it: One, they have to lift the weight over their head in one continuous movement without pausing, and then in the other they're allowed to rest the weight on their chest and then heft it up over their heads. But uh... the one movement one was called the snatch. So of course, the announcers had to say it repeatedly and were completely serious while they said things like, "She always has a good snatch/She needs to work on her snatch a little/Her snatch is her strong point." Guys, I nearly fell off the couch. The lift where you get a little break in the middle is called the clean and jerk so I got a huge laugh out of that one, too. Geez. People need to think these things through before naming them.

The Chinese competitor won the gold. Damn, was she fierce. 409 lbs she lifted over her head! She made it look like she was picking up a sack of groceries. "Oh, this is supposed to be difficult? Really? Well, look, here I am holding it over my head. Yawn." Our American representative got either fourth or fifth place which isn't anything to sneeze at. She didn't bomb out of it like one woman did, which was really sad. See, when you do a lift, three judges determine if you're doing it correctly, like you're holding the weight over your head with your arms fully extended or if you're even able to lift it at all, period. If they think you fucked up, they give you a red light. Two red lights from the judges means you failed your attempt. Luckily, you get three tries but one woman missed all three tries. Yikes. I'll bet her trainer really reams her later.

Then after the weight lifting was badminton which has given me hope that maybe I can get to the Olympics someday. I'm good at badminton now so just imagine what I'd be like in good shape! Boo yeah.
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Ha, I had a dream that was alllllllllll over the place. At one point, I was rollerblading with my brother to go to the movies and we got to this massive hill and I managed to get most of the way up but this part of the hill was really steep and I couldn't make it all the way up and ended up sliding backwards but I managed to fall down before rolling all the way back down the hill. It was a MASSIVE hill. And my brother just skated up and down it with ease, laughing at me. My subconscious sure has him pegged in his dickish ways.

Then the only other part I remember is I was living in this huge house with one of my roommates and my brother and tons of people from the talent competitions I've been watching all summer. The kids from Canadian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance were there and everybody hated (Tiffani) Amberly Theissen because she had really foul breath. It seemed to offend Mark from So You Think You Can Dance the most. XD Probably because he's spoiled from smelling Chelsie's hair for months.
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If someone messages me and I don't know who they are and they continue to act like a jackass after I ask who they are, they're getting blocked. I don't suffer fools very well these days and patience is in short supply.
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I hope it's a hoax. Otherwise... wtf is that thing? I want to watch it again to debunk it but it creeped me out so bad the first time that I can't bring myself to. *shiver*
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Today when I went to the drug store to pick up some Easter candy for me and my roommates, I found myself in the book/magazine aisle so I could have something to read while waiting for the bus. And for some reason that I cannot possibly fathom, I hovered between two Stephen King books and a Nicholas Sparks book and I honestly had a mini-quandry over which to buy. Seriously.

And I ended up buying the Nicholas Sparks book while my brain was screaming, "What?! What?!! Put that down, what the fuck?! You know you're going to hate that! You know this Oprah book is crap! Put it down!"

The other half of my brain calmly replied, "It's not fair to rag on this author unless we've read something of his. Once we reach the end we can say what we want because we'll have an informed opinion." To which the other half settled down and said, "Okay."

I read three pages and it was painful. I know it'll just get worse but I'm going to stick it out. Because it's not fair to rag on something you've never read or watched.
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Wait. Wait. Wait.

PATRICK SWAYZE IS GOING TO DIE????? What the hell? I grew up watching Dirty Dancing and Ghost and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar so I'm upset by this.

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There was a guy on the bus today who looked like West from Heroes. Nowhere near as cool as when I saw the David Tennant look-alike on the bus last year, but fairly interesting.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 05:06 pm
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Pandion is being so weird. *gives it a dirty look* Stop being weird. So now I don't know who's actually online or what.

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Last night, Baby Brother and I watched the worst movie we've ever seen. (Well, the worst movie we've ever seen that wasn't accompanied by a running commentary from Mike Nelson, Tom Servo, and Crow.) It's called... Rockula. This "musical" is about a vampire who puts together a rock band in LA and then tries to save his girlfriend who is mortal but keeps getting reborn every 22 years only to be killed by a pirate in a graveyard with a hambone. I'm totally serious.

Rounding out the cast? Toni Basil as Rockula's mom and Thomas Dolby as the girlfriend's would-be killer. We alternated between this, the Magic Bullet infomercial, and one of the Hypercube movies. Clearly, we need to stop watching late-night tv.

Uncharitable thought as I was going to sleep: "Hey, for once I sat through a bad movie that didn't have Adam Baldwin in it." Zing.

ETA: I'm ashamed to admit that I'm morbidly fascinated by this. Here, watch some Rockula!! )

uh, why?

Aug. 6th, 2007 05:08 pm
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Sign #874509830 that we need to move out of this neighborhood: My mom went outside and saw our garbage can was missing. We've had our garbage can stolen once before but she still did a quick search and saw that some fine, upstanding citizen had thrown it in the backyard and scattered the garbage everywhere.

What makes people this useless? I'm just so curious!
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So I was listening to the Diana Ross song "I'm Coming Out" recently because I remembered liking it a lot when I was a kid. But as I was listening to it, this feeling of dread sank over me.

Why the dread? I tried to figure it out and then a memory shot out at me from junior high: This horrible commercial for jeans.

It starts out with this zoom in on a female's midriff. I think this must've been when low-rise jeans/half shirts were starting to take off as a thing. "I'm Coming Out" starts playing and I'm looking at the jeans.

Baby Brother: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Toxic: "What?!"
Baby Brother: "THE BELLY BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I look at the belly buttton and... it's singing. And then more bellybuttons join in to tell us that it's time for them to break out of their shells and it's very disturbing.

Baby Brother: "NO! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

So now I can't listen to the song without picturing that horrifying singing bellybutton. These ad execs sitting around a table thinking up this stuff really needs someone in the room to say "NO" to them once in awhile.
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New weirdest conversation I've ever heard!

Dude 1: Dude, we never played Jenga at my cabin.
Dude 2: Yes we did!
Dude 1: No, we didn't!
Dude 2: *really really angry* Then why were you wearing Kendra's clothes?!
Dude 1: That was the last day!!!

Is there some new, wacky version of Jenga that I don't know about? O_O


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