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I thought I'd play catch-up with the meme since I've been up since 5:45 a.m.. Noooooooooo, body. Fail. :(

Day 19 - Best t.v show cast

The Office U.S. I may have lost interest in the show but it undeniably has an awesome cast. I know some people are bitter about how Jim and Pam are such a huge focus but it really is an ensemble piece. Everyone has their own fully defined character and I love everyone. (Except Ryan. And Angela. And Erin; though she is very sweet she's boring and I can't forgive boring.)

Day 20 - Favorite kiss )

Earlier Days )
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Yay, VM! *dances* I caught the episode I missed on Youtube (and a damn fine ep it was) so I felt caught up for tonight's episode.

Which rocked! Lamb! Weevil! No Piz or Parker! Wallace! Logan!!

*cough* Yeah. I've missed feeling fangirly about this show. I've been "eh" about VM for awhile now but I think the love's back.
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I went to the theatre with Roomie to see the play "Uncommon Women and Others" and I missed Veronica Mars. *tantrum*

No spoilers, but to the VM peeps, was it a good episode?

On the plus side, I enjoyed the play.
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Title: Five Times Beaver Almost Told the Truth About Woody
Author: Toxic Corn
Rating: R for subject matter and some strong language.
Disclaimer: Neptune and all its tawdriness/characters belong to Rob Thomas.
Spoilers: BIG DAMN SPOILERS FOR SEASON TWO! And for season one. Duh.
Notes: I never want to write Beaver again. :P Written for the Five fic meme. Want fic, ask, receive.

For [ profile] angielus

Mom )

Dick )

Ms. James )

Mac )

Alternate Universe )
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Title: Five Cases Veronica Would Never Take
Author: Toxic Corn
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Neptune and its many lovely inhabitants belong to Rob Thomas.
Summary: Crack. Crack crackity crack. I can't even defend this.
Notes: [ profile] curikitten's request in the Five Fic meme game. Got a prompt? Leave one there.

For [ profile] curikitten

Don't Leave Me Hangin' on the Telephone )

How Does It Feel When You Got No Herb? )

I Thought That They Were Angels )

Secret Agent Man )

I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy )
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I made the cast of VM into South Park characters when I had random bursts of... randomness. And now I'm ready to share them!

Goin' on down to Neptune, goin' 'a have mahself a time )
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Wow, everybody's day seems to have gotten off to a crappy start. I'm sorry. *throws love everybody's way*

And to think I was going to make an angsty post today... I think I'll talk about my dad another time and instead focus on something pointless and stupid.

Like some Harry Potter/Veronica Mars comparisons!

Click to See the Horrible Waste of Time )


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