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My heart. MY HEARRRRT!

The Angels Take Manhattan )
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THERE we go! There's the show I remember! :D You had me worried there, DW!

Town Called Mercy )


The Power of Three )

So worth waiting for. I'm sorry I was grumpy about the first two episodes, Doctor Who. I'll never doubt you again. At least until not until next season. :D
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Well. That was a thing.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship )
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So! I spent the day at a music festival to see Gotye (no Kimbra but the audience had her verse covered just fine) but I made it home in time to watch some new Who!

Asylum of the Daleks )
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Last night I finally had the desire and energy to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special and it was well worth it. :) I like when shows are charming and entertaining.

Spoilers for The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe )
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Now that... was a darn good episode.

The Wedding of River Song )
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You are Martha Jones
You are Martha Jones
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
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And hey, we had an episode, today, didn't we? Closing Time )
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Yeah... I'm kinda glad I saved this one for AFTER work because I don't need some of this imagery in my head while I'm walking about in the dark.

Spoilers for Night Terrors )
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So Doctor Who happened today, didn't it? :D

Spoilers for Let's Kill Hitler )
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Guess what I did last night? I watched G.I. Joe at a friend's house, that's what! CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON!! With a Scottish accent! And his hair all slicked back and his nose all big! Man, I love him. I nearly combusted of squee when he first appeared on screen and he's like, the first actor you SEE so it was so exciting!

Um, and I hate to say it but... Channing Tatum is yucky. I can't be the only one to think so. Hey, I dig the muscles. They're nice. But his face just looks too sullen to be attractive to me. He just looks like he's walking around thinking "Some d-bag at the gym took my favorite machine and now my glutes ache from using the subpar machine in the corner, god damn it." I like guys with some element of silly to their features, like Eccles and Nathan Fillion having big noses, or Ed Helms just being really goofy looking, or my own boyfriend who has these huuuuuuuuuuuge brown eyes which I guess isn't goofy but whatever. Anyway, they have to have personality shining out through imperfect features and Channing Tatum lacks that. It's not just him, I feel that way about a lot of beefcake Hollywood actors. (I think I'm finally immune to the charms of Adam Baldwin. It took awhile but now I'm there. Woo hoo! I feel as liberated as the day I gave up on James Marsters for being a short, embarrassment squick-pinging fucker.)

Anyway, G.I. Joe. I really want to watch it with a scientist just to see them bang their head on the wall repeatedly. Even the three of us, a liberal arts major, sociology major and one time math and English major were like "PARTICLE ACCELERATORS DON'T WORK THAT WAY!" But Rachel Nichols was pretty with red hair so I was totally fine with everything. Just bring the pretty and I'll forgive anything, even Sienna Miller. (I didn't recognize Rachel at first and my friend had to tell me who she was and say, "She was on Alias for awhile" before I realized she was Rebecca from The Inside. Ha ha. That was a good show.)

I wish I'd seen this on the big screen though ("We can actually FIT in Eccleston's nostrils, you guys!"). Oh, well. It was a good time. And then we watched Subtle Sexuality's "Male Prima Donna" video about ten times in a row and we got maybe 50% of the lyrics down. And we're still figuring out Andy's outfit. ("Oh, that's his SHIRT you guys!") In short: Mindy Kaling is my hero. And G.I. Joe's okay. Hearing "And knowing is half the battle" read as a straight line was AMAZING. I laughed for five minutes.
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Wow. So, Half Blood Prince is my new favorite Potter film. It officially replaces Prisoner of Azkaban. *moment of silence for PoA* Anyway. Without spoiling anything, the kids all friggin' brought it with this movie. Rupert Grint was fabulous as always and had even more opportunity to flex his considerable comedy chops, Emma Watson is a convincing crier and has toned down on her waggling eyebrow style of acting, and FINALLY after five movies, Daniel Radcliffe convincingly carries the film. I was so impressed with him, guys. He was charming and seemed to be actually acting rather then reading from the book into his bedroom mirror after stealing his dad's glasses or whatever. There were some obligatory changes made from book to screen because sometimes what makes a good book doesn't really make a good movie. (Case in point: The Sorcerer's Stone. Good fucking god, I was ready to kill something.) This infuriated a third of the theater but my friends and I thought the changes were really friggin' cool. Your mileage may vary of course, but if you want to gripe about that here, I'm not going to listen to you. Sorry. My journal, my rules.

Theater griping moment: There was only one asshole, some kid who had clearly never seen a Potter film before, let alone read any of the books. He/she made stupid comments throughout. Like at the introduction of Draco Malfoy, "That's a funny name." Asking what British words meant ("daft" completely knocked hir for a loop) was another fun moment and then when Harry first uses the Pensieve, "Did he just stick his face in water?" What. The. Fuck. Why would you waste a MIDNIGHT HARRY POTTER PREMIERE ticket on someone who doesn't know anything about Harry Potter? I thought it was pretty generally understood that midnight showings were for fanatics and complete dorks? (I fit in the latter category, FYI) What a complete waste. Someone else was turned away who probably really wanted to go so this nimrod could yap throughout and try their damndest to ruin the experience for everyone? (He/she didn't quite succeed since they were SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-ed within an inch of their life after every dumb comment or question.)

I have to say that my favorite non-movie moment was when the trailers started up and NEW MOON came on. One third of the theater started squeeing, my third of it started laughing hysterically, and the other third was unimpressed with one dude in the back loudly shouting "BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Which made all of us laugh even harder. I feel bad for the Twihards though, because there were probably people who wanted to watch the trailer and enjoy it but everyone talked over it and made disparaging comments. I can only hope the huge fans already watched it online. Ha, then when we see the shirtless Jacob scene, the entire theater burst into catcalls. Awesome. Mr. A and I are so going.

So that was the experience. There were folk in costumes but they were in the minority for some really weird reason. It was mostly twenty-somethings like us in street clothes talking about how tough it was going to be to get up the next day. :P

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Whatever you're doing right now, stop. Get together ten bucks. Then go see The Hangover. BEST MOVIE EVER. Deppgirl and I laughed through the whole thing and a few times we reached the point where you can't even make a sound anymore, only flail your hands while your shoulders shake. There isn't a single boring part!

Ed Helms was in it and completely ruled, Bradley Cooper was freaking hot, and Zach Gallifinakis is my new hero. You'd be doing yourself a disservice by not seeing it. Go! Preferably in a packed theater because you'll all feel bonded!
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Just got back from seeing Star Trek. I have to say, it was better than I thought it was going to be. I saw so many Trekkers online moaning and wailing that I was a tad bit concerned I was in for suckery. But no, it was pretty awesome. A for the movie and B- for the movie experience. These older ladies sat behind us and talked through the previews and the first part of the movie, asking stupid questions through most of it and I lost it and started making snide remarks in response to their dumb comments, loud enough for them to hear. I only did it until they stopped talking. So it worked and I didn't disrupt anyone's movie experience.

Toxic Gets More Unpleasant and Movie Spoilers )

Also: G.I. JOE TRAILER. It pains me that I have to see this movie but it's CHRISTOPHER FLIPPING ECCLESTON. I'm in.
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I take back my last bitchy review of Parks and Recreation. This episode rocked it out and I actually laughed out loud many times. Spoilers )

Snaps go to The Office as well. Spoilers )
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Office )

Parks and Recreation )

South Park )

Didn't have a great day and I don't feel like getting into it. TV helped but not a whole lot. *sigh* I just want it to be Easter. That'll be a good day.
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I have a new show to follow now: Extras. It's from the guys who brought us The Office but it's nowhere near as excruciating in the schadenfreude as the previous series. Ricky Gervais's character is actually likeable! But it's still difficult to watch sometimes, particularly the Ben Stiller episode for me. *cringes up in little ball* I had to minimize the screen and look at something else until the horror passed. I've always had an embarrassment squick but when the person adds attention whoring to that as well... oh boy. Maximum discomfort. But for some reason, I love the show. Damn you, Merchant and Gervais.

Now to send this disc back and wait for Netflix to get the next one to me.
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Bleh. You know how you can get headaches from having your hair in a ponytail for too long? Well, I have a hair-related headache right now just from having my hair tucked behind my ears all day. Sometimes I'm glad that my hair is so thick. This is not one of those times.

ETA: Oh yeah, I finished The Notebook. What. A. Piece. Of. Crap. Spoilery ranting )


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