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Is it weird that I keep listening to "In the Air Tonight" and I'm at the point now where I instinctively drum along with That One Part?

I would've left you folks alone and made that a Facebook status but lately my Facebook status is reserved for begging Farmville people for presents/help expanding storage buildings.

EDIT: Okay, is it even weirder that I read this all back to myself and said out loud in my best Daniel Cleaver voice "Yes, what a gripping life you do lead"?
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Random thought of the day: Daleks could totally take over the US. Britain, after hiding behind their couches, would make for the stairs (even though that doesn't really help anymore) but over in the States we wouldn't have the first clue. We'd see a Dalek and squeal, "R2D2!!"

Then the plungers would come out and we'd all be effed.

oh, movies

May. 1st, 2008 12:30 pm
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I just got done watching The Holiday. If Cameron Diaz wants to swap lives with me for two weeks, she's welcome to it. :P (Actually, she can suck it; I preferred Kate Winslet's storyline.)
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Today I've been watching some of Hanson's documentary Strong Enough To Break up on YouTube. I was a huge fan of the band through junior high and most of high school but in more recent years, I've drifted away into other things. But I'm amused to find out a few things still hold true for me after all this time:

1. The boys write some gorgeous, beautiful arrangements. But their lyrics? Euuuugh. They seriously need a Bernie Taupin. Not every song is crap, mind you. But some of their song's lyrics will make you roll your eyes. (Check out the lyrics to "Hey" if you don't believe me.)

2. If for whatever reason Taylor quits the music business (unlikely since he's already been in it for 10 years), he could be a mediator. Seriously, the guy's good at being the middle brother. I wish I could be as mellow and reasonable as he is.

3. Zac needs to speak more. When he does, he perfectly sums up what his rambling brothers are trying to say and he delivers the Wake Up Call Remark that I always want to give him a high-five for. Isaac called him the "realist" and he couldn't be more right.

4. Everything Isaac says/does makes me want to punch him in the head. He's always the most vocally disagreeable or he's a total Eeyore about himself. It doesn't matter how much Cheerleader Taylor encourages him. Jesus. How Taylor keeps from miming shooting himself in the head, I don't know. Plus while someone's talking he'll keep jangling the guitar and it's distracting.

Anyway. It's a great documentary, everyone should watch it, even non-fans. Maybe especially non-fans.
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You know what I think would be awesome?

Having a Who special similar to that of previous specials like The Two Doctors, only Martha goes back and gets to be Nine's companion. Preferably when Rose was home for a visit or something. I mean, come on, the best doctor with the best companion? Awesomeness!

I will also accept more Jack/Martha/Ten running around solving mysteries and fighting crime. With a Jack/Martha hookup. And Ten emo angsting over it.

*waits to be catered to*

WARNING: S3 Spoilers in the comments.
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So I was listening to the Diana Ross song "I'm Coming Out" recently because I remembered liking it a lot when I was a kid. But as I was listening to it, this feeling of dread sank over me.

Why the dread? I tried to figure it out and then a memory shot out at me from junior high: This horrible commercial for jeans.

It starts out with this zoom in on a female's midriff. I think this must've been when low-rise jeans/half shirts were starting to take off as a thing. "I'm Coming Out" starts playing and I'm looking at the jeans.

Baby Brother: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Toxic: "What?!"
Baby Brother: "THE BELLY BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I look at the belly buttton and... it's singing. And then more bellybuttons join in to tell us that it's time for them to break out of their shells and it's very disturbing.

Baby Brother: "NO! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

So now I can't listen to the song without picturing that horrifying singing bellybutton. These ad execs sitting around a table thinking up this stuff really needs someone in the room to say "NO" to them once in awhile.
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A friend of mine was telling me recently that the whole "lemmings following each other over a cliff into the sea" thing is just a myth.


It turns out that the people who were researching lemmings were getting bored watching these little creatures, so to shake things up a bit, they chased them all off of a cliff and filmed it.

Poor lemmings.

Then we came up with the character Jeff the Lemming who marches to the beat of his own drum. He was really cool. He has a bull sidekick who he doesn't really like and we haven't really developed him and I can't remember his name. Just that he's really jocky and mean and very puzzling to Jeff.

ETA: I checked the wikipedia article and it turns out my friend's only half right; the lemmings were driven over a cliff but it was staged and no lemming was harmed. Good. They're cute. Not as cute as meerkats but cute all the same.


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