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Opinion time! I want everyone's opinions about stuff allll over the board. I'm more of a "this is my space, keep your damn opinions to yourself" kind of gal especially when it comes to parade rainers (you know who you are) but I'm throwing the doors open so you can say any little thing that comes to mind. So long as it pertains to the poll questions. Ready? And go! [Disclaimer: all questions are based on things that have irritated me recently so I'm a wee bit biased.]

*I reserve the right to tell you that it sucks, though. Wait, come back!

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I just finished ripping the mix my boyfriend made me for our sixth month, so I can put it on my mp3 player. (My CD drive doesn't work anymore. Hence the ripping at home. It's funny because most of the track list is Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge. They're his faves! Then there are two songs from Avril Lavigne (*quiet gag*) and two from The Cranberries (*cheers*). What do you guys think of that? Multiple songs from certain artists on a mix? I try to go for variety on my mixes. I know he was going for the message of a song, regardless of who the artist is (plus his musical library is.... limited, to put it kindly) so I'm not knocking him for putting songs from the same artist.

What do you guys think?

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My boyfriend and I have been debating this for months now: What is the "best" way to say grocery? Sadly, we both feel very strongly about this issue. Help a girl out?

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Okay, anyone remember my Rayne fic with a slight Raynekid focus, Girl Anachronism? Well, I have a sequel idea.

Plot overview and poll )

poll time!

Aug. 13th, 2008 12:24 pm
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[ profile] moetushie inadvertently gave me this idea. I'm running out of ideas for what I should put on my Netflix queue. I can't keep pushing Clerks 2 to the bottom (I think I'm over all things Kevin Smith but I'd feel guilty deleting it) so I need some movie recommendations. If you guys could fill out the poll, I'd appreciate it. This also gives me the opportunity to get a little more idea of who the folks I've friended are. *waves* Hello, new people!

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Well, I've been really annoyingly prolific lately when it comes to writing because when I start school in the fall, my classes will be really intensive and I'll hardly have time or energy for writing so I'm getting out everything I can. So I have a question and poll for you guys.

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Okay, for the past week or so now, I've had my Peetah Petrelli action figure. When I ordered him, I fully intended to take him out of the box. For some reason, I thought he'd come from an easy-to-open box like Mal, Jayne and River did and instead I was surprised to find that Peetah comes completely encased in that hard to open plastic seal that toys so often come in. So that's kind of thrown me off and I've been hesitant to open him since I can't put him right back in the box later. But I'd really like to play with him since he comes with cancer hands and his messenger bag really needs to be over his shoulder right now.

So here's a poll!

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poll time

Nov. 29th, 2007 11:16 pm
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Okay, so I went out for milkshakes with some friends last night and I caught some flack for getting strawberry flavor. (Dudes, they didn't have marshmallow, okay??) There was a bit of a debate over what my choice of flavor meant and now I want to know what you guys think.

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Okay, the last poll needs a tie-breaker, so here it is. Pick your two favorite fics you want commentaries for.

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You know what's a seemingly fun meme that I haven't tried yet? The DVD commentary meme for fic. Some of them that I've read are fun and some of them are tiresome and pretentious. I kinda hope mine would be in the "fun" category. But first I want to know if anyone cares to see this happen. If not, cool, I won't do it. *crosses heart* If you're interested, you get to choose which fics I do. The three with the most votes will be the (un)lucky ones to get commentary. For the first time EVER in the history of [ profile] toxic_corn I'm allowing the ticky box option so you can vote for more than one fic. So... get polling!

[Poll #1050276]

I promise that I'm working on the next chapter of Mist.
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Okay, the last poll was informative and Winsey won, but the write-in candidates piqued our interest and Nutmeg and I each have a favorite. So, choose between the two and end our indecisiveness!

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Here's a poll for the BSC crackverse readers. Everyone else just scroll on by, nothing to see here.

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Lately, I've been gettin' all creative with Kristy and The Doctor beyond writing fic. I made my first video (which was a frustrating process and I'm not entirely happy with the final result, mostly because a slow computer made the work harder than it needed to be) and I've been putting together a fan mix. So. A lot of this stuff (okay, well, all of it) was intended for Nutmeg but I was thinking that maybe you guys would want to see this stuff, too? That's why I'm asking for opinions now. :)

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Nutmeg and I plotted some more crack last night. This time it actually fits Daybreak's canon and it's so awesome! *flail* I almost want to start writing it now, but I'm dutifully working on my next crack project. Maybe I should put up a poll and see what people want to read.

Well, why not? Here goes! If the crackverse ain't your bag, just scroll on by, folks.

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Because of some recent personal problems, I haven't been writing. But now that it's gotten better, I'm ready to get writing. Only... I don't know where to focus my attentions. Which is where you guys come in!

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