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You know what I've just realized? I've been on LiveJournal for TEN YEARS. Yeah. I created the username toxic_corn when I was sixteen. I wanted it to be toxic_corn_fatality but that was too many characters. I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that I've pretty consistently been hanging out on a website for ten years. My actual ten year anniversary was two months ago but I think I deliberately forgot about it so I wouldn't feel pressured to do something stupendous as celebration.

Shit. Let's celebrate now. Okay, if you're reading this, comment snarking on what you were like at the age of 16. I'll start: I thought I was a total fattie because I weighed 147 pounds and I sneered at school clubs and groups as being "conformist." What a little asshole.
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It's good to know that when I pay good money for a service, it blinks in and out on a regular basis. I might have to join the huffy hoardes who have already moved to Dreamwidth since LJ's last shenanigans. Damn it. I don't want to move! :(

Anyway. My default icon really doesn't match my grumpy mood. Maybe another icon is in order. *sulkily looks through my saved images*
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So, um. I renewed my LJ account.



*ahem* Anyway. So I spent last night reading through Songs From A Firefly and When I Was A Boy (the Firefly fics I wrote ages ago about the children of River and Jayne from Firefly) and now I want to write the story I've been considering for awhile now, the sequel to Girl Anachronism. Yeah I know, I want to write this after the majority of my readers have moved on, I'm so timely. (Hey, I'm just now reading Twilight. And don't get excited; it's not an enjoyable experience for me so far. I'm only doing it so that I'm "allowed" to have the opinion that I don't like the series. I'm waiting now for the "If you don't like it, why did you read it?" response from my fan friend. *grits teeth*)

Basically, this entry is a warning that I'm going to start posting some pretty weird fic here. My original fic inspiration has dried up, so I thought I'd go back to fan fiction to get the writing juices flowing again. It'll be a good warm-up for when I do Nano again in a few months. If you're interested, cool, if not, that's also cool. You can scroll on by and I won't think any less of you for it. :)

Now to take a bath and get some reading done. (Thank god I read more than one book at a time. I'll have some relief from The Book I'm Not Allowed To Hate Until I Finish It.)
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While I adored The Office last night (particularly the cold open OH MY GOD), I laughed the hardest at Vampire Diaries. Particularly that cold open. It was difficult to breathe, the cliches were coming so fast and hard (that's what she said). I love you, barely tolerable show.

I also love Creed. He's such a delightfully weird guy. That's why he's become my new default icon. *points* See? Oh, and I forgot to acknowledge when I lost the bow layout. I figured after a whole spring/summer of bows, I just wanted a super simple journal layout. So here it is. With Creed being weird. No more sexy librarian nerd!Billie. *silently pours one out*

Two days until I post my yearly book list. Is it sad that I'm super excited? And that I'm really powering through my current books so they can make the list? I doubt they will, but it's fun to try. I almost want to do something really dorky this year. Like, at the bottom of my journal entries, I write what books I'm currently reading and what page I'm currently at. Is that too dorky? Because I'm sort of salivating at the idea.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt - 297
The Works of Jane Austen: Emma - 458
Go Ask Alice by "Anonymous" (real diary my ass) - 72

Yeah, I doubt I'll be continuing that practice. We'll see.
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New layout! As much as I loved the Andy one, I'd had it for months and it was time for a change. Thank you for making the Andy header for me, [ profile] katesbe! Who knows, the header may return sometime. :) So now it's Ms. Elle Bishop of Heroes, my tv girlfriend. Along with that Petrelli kid, whatever his name is. ;)

[ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn

So who among my fine friends can tell me where I can find a full cast Heroes moodtheme that would possibly include Ms. Elle? (I guess it would be wishful thinking for one to include Claude as well?) I'd settle for a Kristen Bell theme if there's no Heroes with Elle moodtheme available.
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New layout! I know The Office premiers near the end of September but there's nothing wrong with getting a head start, right? Right! [ profile] katesbe made the banner for me and it's been giving me giggles ever since. Andy, you truly are a star.

Check it:

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omg no wai

Sep. 1st, 2008 10:27 pm
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Sorry, I let Edward do the marquee. :P Back in the day when I was celebrating my 500th entry, I had big plans for my thousandth and now I can't remember a single one. Oh, well. Week long party in my journal and everyone's invited, woot woot!
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Well, after two months, it was time to say bye bye to Andy. Bye bye, Andy. :'(

But helloooooo, Donna!

[ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn [ profile] toxic_corn

Check it!
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Hey, I have a JournalFen account now! (Yes, they turned on the account creation but RUN FAST they might turn it off again!!) So if you have one, feel free to friend me. :D This will still be my primary bitching and griping place, though.


Mar. 19th, 2008 12:31 pm
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I caved and created an InsaneJournal. It remains to be seen if I'll move there or not. I really like it here! *clings*

Also: To those who added me in the friending meme - Hi!
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Bah, I never thought I'd make a post like this, but here it is. I've recently done a friends cut. No biggie; I just removed people who don't comment and/or don't update their journal. I figure folks like that just wanted access to the fic hot off the press and they don't need to be friended to do that, so... if you found yourself removed, it was no hard feelings. I don't think you're terrible people; I just didn't like the idea of people who don't really communicate with me having access to my everyday life blatherings.
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Hey, this is my...

Wait. It's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

*clears throat* Yarrr, here be my 100th entry, says I. Drink up, me hearties! To 100 more or it's Davy's Locker for me!

(Wouldn't it be funny if you went back in time and actually MET pirates and they didn't talk like that? And looked at you funny when you did? Heh.)

ETA: Cuz all the cool kids were doing it:

My Pirate Name )


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