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Wow. So, Half Blood Prince is my new favorite Potter film. It officially replaces Prisoner of Azkaban. *moment of silence for PoA* Anyway. Without spoiling anything, the kids all friggin' brought it with this movie. Rupert Grint was fabulous as always and had even more opportunity to flex his considerable comedy chops, Emma Watson is a convincing crier and has toned down on her waggling eyebrow style of acting, and FINALLY after five movies, Daniel Radcliffe convincingly carries the film. I was so impressed with him, guys. He was charming and seemed to be actually acting rather then reading from the book into his bedroom mirror after stealing his dad's glasses or whatever. There were some obligatory changes made from book to screen because sometimes what makes a good book doesn't really make a good movie. (Case in point: The Sorcerer's Stone. Good fucking god, I was ready to kill something.) This infuriated a third of the theater but my friends and I thought the changes were really friggin' cool. Your mileage may vary of course, but if you want to gripe about that here, I'm not going to listen to you. Sorry. My journal, my rules.

Theater griping moment: There was only one asshole, some kid who had clearly never seen a Potter film before, let alone read any of the books. He/she made stupid comments throughout. Like at the introduction of Draco Malfoy, "That's a funny name." Asking what British words meant ("daft" completely knocked hir for a loop) was another fun moment and then when Harry first uses the Pensieve, "Did he just stick his face in water?" What. The. Fuck. Why would you waste a MIDNIGHT HARRY POTTER PREMIERE ticket on someone who doesn't know anything about Harry Potter? I thought it was pretty generally understood that midnight showings were for fanatics and complete dorks? (I fit in the latter category, FYI) What a complete waste. Someone else was turned away who probably really wanted to go so this nimrod could yap throughout and try their damndest to ruin the experience for everyone? (He/she didn't quite succeed since they were SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-ed within an inch of their life after every dumb comment or question.)

I have to say that my favorite non-movie moment was when the trailers started up and NEW MOON came on. One third of the theater started squeeing, my third of it started laughing hysterically, and the other third was unimpressed with one dude in the back loudly shouting "BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Which made all of us laugh even harder. I feel bad for the Twihards though, because there were probably people who wanted to watch the trailer and enjoy it but everyone talked over it and made disparaging comments. I can only hope the huge fans already watched it online. Ha, then when we see the shirtless Jacob scene, the entire theater burst into catcalls. Awesome. Mr. A and I are so going.

So that was the experience. There were folk in costumes but they were in the minority for some really weird reason. It was mostly twenty-somethings like us in street clothes talking about how tough it was going to be to get up the next day. :P

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J.K. Rowling won the Lexicon lawsuit

Dudes, I'm gettin' my box of Nerds and settling in for some primo wank. Go J.K.!
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I've been a miserable bastard all week. It's time for that shit to stop RIGHT NOW. Some awesome things to prove the world doesn't suck:

1. How awesome was The Office this week? So awesome that I went to watch it again on NBC's website. \0/

2. Dumbledore's gay! I don't know why that makes me so happy, it just does.

3. The Pirate Steve/Claudia story will be commencing very soon and Nutmeg and I are putting the finishing touches on the outline.

4. We have many good soups in the house so I can make a rad dinner that doesn't require effort.
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FINISHED! *collapses* I didn't marathon read it like SOME people, but I did read as much of it as I could a day (I don't know how you marathon readers do it! srsly, I start going crosseyed and need to go eat something).

Now to catch up on the posts I've missed. I'm hesitant to read others' thoughts on The Deathly Hallows because I liked it and I don't want anyone raining on my parade with "blah blah plot holes blah blah there should have been more Malfoys in it even though it's called HARRY POTTER though it SHOULD be called DRACO MALFOY AND THE HOTNESS OF AWESOME" (Can you tell that some Malfoy fans get on my nerves? Yeah, J.K. Rowling REALLY messed up the characterization of HER OWN CHARACTER. O_o Whatever... Uh, anyway, this rant doesn't really have a place here but I'll keep it in anyway. heh).

So, anyway. I can stop avoiding the internet and reading frantically. \0/ Score!
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Attention: I will be avoiding the internet until I finish The Deathly Hallows. No WAY am I going to let some jackass spoil me for this book the way I was spoiled for The Order of the Phoenix.

I'll be receiving it in the mail tomorrow. From then on, I'll be scarce. See ya, guys!
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I haven't seen the movie yet. XD Don't worry about spoiling me since I've read the book. Anything you say isn't going to be a drastic surprise for me; I know what happens. Unless the script was drastically re-written and Snape becomes the next 007. (Is it sad that I'd watch that? Alan Rickman as Snape as James Bond. I'd watch Alan Rickman pick his nose for ten minutes and declare it the best thing in cinematic history.)

Just ten days until book seven! \0/

*just realized there's no HP icons at this journal* I'll just use David Tennant since he played Barty Crouch, Jr. in the fourth movie. And I really shouldn't have just struggled over how to spell "Barty."
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Wow, everybody's day seems to have gotten off to a crappy start. I'm sorry. *throws love everybody's way*

And to think I was going to make an angsty post today... I think I'll talk about my dad another time and instead focus on something pointless and stupid.

Like some Harry Potter/Veronica Mars comparisons!

Click to See the Horrible Waste of Time )


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