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Yeah... I'm kinda glad I saved this one for AFTER work because I don't need some of this imagery in my head while I'm walking about in the dark.

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Is it weird that I keep listening to "In the Air Tonight" and I'm at the point now where I instinctively drum along with That One Part?

I would've left you folks alone and made that a Facebook status but lately my Facebook status is reserved for begging Farmville people for presents/help expanding storage buildings.

EDIT: Okay, is it even weirder that I read this all back to myself and said out loud in my best Daniel Cleaver voice "Yes, what a gripping life you do lead"?
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Hi, The Office. Sit down, I need to talk to you. *sucks in a deep breath* I don't want to beat around the bush but I'll just say it. It has to do with why I wasn't watching you tonight. I think we should see other people. It's just... everything started out so promising, you know? We had a lot of laughs and I defended you staunchly when others didn't like you so much. And then there was that rough patch where I went away for awhile but you know that had less to do with you and more to do with my living situation and loud, annoying roommates. But this time, it's you. You've gotten too hateful and jerk-assy lately and it's more than I can take.

You can have your ring back. Call me when you grow out of this vindictive phase, otherwise don't call me at all.
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Ahem. Yeah. Claude tattoo. It can cheer us up as we watch the show and long for him to come back. C'MON, WRITERS. YOU KEEP HINTING AT HIM AND IT'S MEAN.
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My only thought post-Glee?

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Book Log
(hey, I'm bothering to do it!)
Surviving Ophelia by Cheryl Dellasega - 120
The Works of Jane Austen: Emma - 523
Go Ask Alice by "Anonymous" (still not buying this as a real diary AT ALL) - 108

oh boy

Aug. 12th, 2008 01:33 pm
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HELP, I think I'm addicted to Quantum Leap. Most of the first four seasons are up on Netflix and I've been watching the hell out of them the last few days. And I think my crush on Scott Bakula is returning. (Actually, I think my crush is on his character. I watched a tiny bit of the Star Trek he was on and he did nothing for me. So either I'm a snotty agist who likes young!Bakula or Sam Beckett does it for me. I'm likely to think both are true.) And you know what? QL is like an American Doctor Who. He's rarely in the same place twice, rights wrongs, is really super smart, and has an awesome companion. (I have to say that I think Al is better than any Who companion. Except maybe Donna.)

Time to grab some foods and get set for season two! And for the first time in weeks, I'm starting to get plot bunnies. rofl Oh no, I really do love dead tv shows.
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Random thought of the day: Daleks could totally take over the US. Britain, after hiding behind their couches, would make for the stairs (even though that doesn't really help anymore) but over in the States we wouldn't have the first clue. We'd see a Dalek and squeal, "R2D2!!"

Then the plungers would come out and we'd all be effed.
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Cool thing yesterday: The pizza delivery guy looked just like David Tennant. Well, David Tennant if he were in his twenties again and had a light case of acne. My brain squeed all the same.
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Reason #3984583361199 That I'm a dork: I almost said clusterfuck today during a class discussion. Everyone was like O_O and the professor was looking at me almost eagerly like "OMG is she going to say it?" Instead I trailed off after "cluster" while thinking of a G-rated follow-up that would have the same punch as "fuck" and I just couldn't find one.

This is why I don't speak in class.
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Oh no!!! I can't find a new Who torrent at Mininova!!! I have homework to do and a party I don't really want to attend tonight and I need the torrent now so it can take the two to four hours it usually takes to download. I don't wanna miss Who today!!! *cries* Burn in hell, Mininova!

ETA: Okay, found it. Geez. Now I can do my assignment and avoid my friends list in case another genius at [ profile] lifeonmartha decides to post a spoiler. (I was so glad I'd seen the episode already but what a dillhole. I wanted to punch them on behalf of those who hadn't seen the episode yet.)
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So some kind soul posted screen caps of Adam Baldwin in Monster Makers and while looking at them, I had dorky thoughts. Dorky captioning thoughts. So I thought since apparently I have time on my hands, I should post some. Well, here goes.

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I once made a post about irritating comm behavior when I was in a bad mood. Probably not the best idea since I got pretty sarcastic. Now, being in a playful mood and after hearing some of my friends complain, I'm ready to tackle irritating journal behavior. This doesn't refer to what people do in their own private journals, but in how people respond to YOU in your journal.

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Caps of Caroline Dhavernas in Hollywoodland.

I wish they were bigger, though.
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wee ten

He's wee!Ten. *plays with his hair*

And I've Given Him Friends! )
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Today before classes I watched the Doctor Who tv movie on YouTube which means I have seen alllllllllll the Doctors in action! \0/ And now I can order the Doctors from my best to worst!

1. Tom Baker
2. Christopher Eccleston
3. Patrick Troughton
4. David Tennant
5. Paul McGann
6. William Hartnell
7. Jon Pertwee
8. Peter Davison
9. Sylvester McCoy
10. Colin Baker

I wish there could've been more Paul McGann. One tv movie isn't enough! *hugs Eight*
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I finished up a Sylvester McCoy Doctor episode today and... huh. Wow. I liked the companion more than the Doctor. :/ Ace > Seven. I didn't like how he was constantly telling her to shut up and shoving her behind him. Ten was a total dick during S3 but if I remember correctly, he never shoved Martha. (Though he shouted her down often and stepped all over her feelings like a big, big jerk.) So yeah, Seven FTL. I'm not sure if I dislike him or Six more. Those two can duke it out for Toxic's Worst Doctor Ever; (time)lord knows they're both violent enough to do it.

Now all that's left is Paul McGann. I searched Netflix just now and couldn't find the movie. D'oh. I wanna see it! Eight looks all steampunk and I'm intrigued.
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I saw my first Colin Baker as the Doctor episode today and it wasn't the painful experience I was expecting it to be. I read about him regenerating and then trying to choke his companion and I saw pictures of his obnoxiously stupid costume and I was all set to hate his guts. Surprisingly, I don't. He's my least favorite of all the Doctors I've seen so far but he's nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.

But Peri the companion? Oh geez. Worst fake!American accent ever. She made that chick in the Dalek two-parter last year sound like a native New Yorker. Weren't there any ex-pat American actresses in the UK around that time that they could've hired? Or maybe Nicola Bryant could've seen a dialect coach? Yeesh. (And this isn't me being snobby about how American accents have to be PERFECT. I'm offended by all bad accents. David Boreanaz's half-assed attempt at an Irish accent makes me headdesk every time I hear it.)

Anyway. I just need to see Sylvester McCoy in action and see the tv movie and I'll have seen eeeeeevery Doctor ever and can be more firm in my top three doctors being 1) Tom Baker 2) Christopher Eccleston 3) Patrick Troughton.
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I had yet another meeting today. *throws arms up in air* And I'm nowhere near done with them, either! I have another one next Tuesday! :'( ...but I kinda wish someone had said "see you next Tuesday" because then I would've died laughing.

Anyway, the point of this post: I saw a guy on the bus today who looked EXACTLY like Elliot Stabler from Law&Order SVU! Exactly! I couldn't stop staring though I forced myself to since I didn't want to be a really weird creepy freak. It was seriously amazing. I was in awe. Stabler. On the bus! Going to my school! Wild!
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It's been awhile since I last posted something from YouTube so today I present you with my newest find: This video is something I used to have on VHS when I was wee. I used to dance and sing along and would get totally into it. So here it is...


He's the champion, he's the best! )


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