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My heart. MY HEARRRRT!

Oh dear lord this show and making me weep. Full on Donna crying too, with blotchy skin and bloodshot eyes. (Maybe a little Rose with ugly contorted mouth. I uh, don't cry pretty.)

First of all, this was a beautifully crafted episode. We got our foreshadowing, character arcs, relationship dynamics, powerful antagonist, and River Song. Makes for some quality television. Seriously, though, this is another episode that when the FaceBook "Bring Back Tennant!" peeps start piping up with every wall update, I can beat them back with this one because Eleven era rules.

I'm just going to bullet point my favorite bits. No negatives this time around since the positives overpower the rest in all honesty.

- I love Amy's reading glasses. I just love glasses in general but I really love Amy in them. And what I love even more is the Doctor hating them and then trying them out and being all, "Heeeeyyy, these are actually nifty!" lol oh raggedy man why you so silly

- AHHHHHHHH CREEPY ANGEL BABIES! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but brilliant. Gah! And fucking with people in the dark basement with only a box of matches to keep them at bay? Sheer, evil genius.

- I thought, "Oh yeah, it totally has to be New York for the Angels to take over. Because the Statue of Liber- AHHHHHHH!" Yeah, I screamed when it was standing over the building. I know she was the hero in Ghostbusters II but that part with her walking through the streets always unsettled the shit out of me. And I was screaming and jumping all through the scene with the poor PI getting attacked. Ugh, have I mentioned that I'm terrified of the Angels? I'm legit scared to go to the door and open it and call for my husband because there might be one standing there! I'm 27, I shouldn't be affected by things like this! :(

- Hahahha they pulled out another American actor for this. Stay cool, DW. (Grayle? He's an American character actor. I've seen him in lots of shit but he had a pretty key role in Office Space.)

- Of COURSE River is the private detective in the book. She pulls off a fedora well. ;) And I love that her nom de plume was Melody. *heart melts*

- The vases! China! "I'm texting a boy!" "Yowza!" *rolls around in squee*

- Also: River fucking Song BROKE HER OWN DAMN WRIST LIKE A BAD ASS MOFO. And then was able to hide the pain. That's... I'm in awe of her. She maayyyy be inching out Martha and Donna as my favorites, here. It's getting close.

- I love that River and the Doctor had a spat and that Amy went out after her, all concerned and mom-like. I'm sorry, I love mommies almost as much as I love badasses.

- Aaaaaaand the paradox scene? It nearly broke my heart, Amy getting up on the ledge next to Rory. But then I thought, "You jump, I jump right?" And that ruined it a little. Thanks, Titanic, for making what should have been a poignant moment in my favorite tv series tainted. (heh, i said taint)

- For awhile there when they wake up in the cemetery, I started letting myself think that everything would be okay. "But not everyone's getting out alive, self. Wait. Oh fuck, wait. Remember the Rory gravestone? That's... oh shit, he's noticed it. No, don't call attention to it. NO! RORY! STOP IT!" Aaaaaaaaaand poof he's gone. *face palm* Though, um, I kind of love that his middle name is Arthur. (Is Amy's middle name Karen? Is River's middle name Alex? I'll stop now.)

- Amy's whole goodbye speech. Mostly her words to River had me in tears. The "be a good girl" part mostly. For personal parental reasons that give me painful heart twinging and I won't overshare more about that but basically. Yeah. River lost both her parents that day. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for her. Yet at the same time, I love that she was putting her own pain aside and encouraging Amy to go back to Rory. That was really selfless, contrasted with the Doctor who kept shouting "no." (He was being kind of selfish, yes, but within the context of the show, especially the previous episode, I'm not going to call him out for it. I just feel really bad for him. All the feels.)

- The afterword. Not quite as detailed as I'd like but then we can all come up with our own awesome head canon for them. Like, did they go around "inventing" shit to make money to fund super cool expeditions to far off corners of the world? Do they go hang out with Tesla? (They probably would really like him because from what I've read he was a LOT like the Doctor. Knowledge for knowledge's sake and not profiting from ideas and caring about the betterment of man and no sexxors evar!)

Final thought: LOL Okay, so poor Amy went for ten years thinking the Doctor had ditched her yet HOW MANY TIMES NOW HAS HE VISITED HER AT THAT TIME PERIOD? Seriously, that line of history must have huge tread marks in it like when people cut across the grass too many times. XD Oh, show. I ♥ you.
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