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THERE we go! There's the show I remember! :D You had me worried there, DW!

This felt like a Firefly episode. Both in genre and by tone, really. And how cool is it that Ben Browder was there?! I mean, it would've been awesomer to have Nathan Fillion play the Marshall, but to get another well-loved sci-fi actor in there was great. (I still haven't watched Farscape but I think I'll move that a bit higher on my queue now.)

And I love love love LOVE that Amy did what she should have done an episode ago: call the Doctor out on killing people for his own sense of "justice." (I was kind of hoping she'd bring up the dude they let die in the spaceship but you can't get everything, I suppose.) Because that's not how we play up in here and I really dislike seeing a gun in the Doctor's hands. If I want that shit, I'd watch some other sci fi show. I like that the Doctor solves his problems by being smart and working out alternatives. All I'm trying to say is give peace a chance. ... I'll stop now.

Kahler Jex really was a mirror of the Doctor but I kind of love that we didn't get into the whole "I killed Gallifrey" thing. We just knew that's what he was thinking but trying NOT to think. Kudos, show. Or job well done.

I also kind of love that the mystery man who fell from the stars and is the angel of the town is... not actually the Doctor. XD I love the Doctor but sometimes it's nice when other people get cool legends built around them. The ending narration reminded me of Amy's voice over in A Good Man Goes to War. When we're sitting there thinking "Doctor...? No, not Doctor. OH GOOD SHE MEANS RORY WHEW."

Random Thoughts:

- They were on their way to the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico? Why on earth does Amy keep heading to warm countries while wearing dark tights?! When I went to a funeral in August, I wore tights and was very uncomfortable. And I live in a temperate climate! C'mon, Amy. Let's use some thinks here.

- Really subtle having the war criminal alien have a slightly German sounding name. Just saying.

- Why did a town in the middle of nowhere with a population of 83 81 need a hotel?

- I think the swoopy face makeup thing would make for fun Halloween costume ideas. (Too bad I'm already going as Katniss Everdeen.)

- "So we wait here for the Doctor to pick us up in his ship."/"Yeah, that's the plan. ...I was there when we decided it."/"I know. I was saying that more for my benefit than yours." That was so fucking Joss Whedon, I nearly choked on my Rolos.

- Kahler Jex reading Amy as a mom. It made me so sad in my heart. :'( (Why you take Melody?! You seriously couldn't get someone ELSE to kill the Doctor? srsly?!)

Now I'm about to watch the next episode which looks really fun. I like the ones where the Doctor tries to be around people-people and not Companions. He's soooooo awkward and hilarious. *sits back*


Now this episode... if anyone asks me what's so damn special about Matt Smith's era and asks why I like it so much, I'll direct them to this episode. It was like watching a love letter to Team TARDIS if that makes any sense?

So much to love, I don't know where to start, really. Brian's Log, the Doctor playing Wii Tennis, the Brig's daughter being awesome and sweet, seeing bits of Amy and Rory's married life, the cube playing The Chicken Dance "on a repeat"... Everything was so awesome.

There was one part that really spoke to me, though. The scene in the TARDIS when the Doctor wants Amy and Rory to go with him and Brian says, "They can't go whenever you want them to." And then Rory piping up about his job and the Doctor dismissing him. I actually said "Fuck you" out loud to him and that's a first for me with Eleven. :( See, I have a job and it's not really important in the grand scheme of things, but it's MY JOB. If I don't show up, someone who has been there all day has to cover my hours or someone who had a day off gets to come in and have their relaxation time taken from them. What I do (or don't do) affects other people, so no, it's not quite as fancy as crashing one of Henry VIII's many weddings but it has a real consequence for others. Plus I need that money to pay my bills, as do Rory and Amy. So it was really dickish of him to be so dismissive and then deny that he was being dismissive. (I get that he didn't mean to be a dick, he just loves his friends a ton and wants to be with them when he can. I get that. I can still get annoyed when he says shitty things, though.)

Random thoughts:

- There we go with the death foreshadowing again. STOP IIIIIIT. This episode was so good and fun and suddenly going HEY YOU GUYS SOMEONE DIES REMEMBER WINK WINK YEAH sucks.

- That scene with Rory and Amy rushing Brian away on the gurney came off as really unsettling. Maybe it's the way he was sitting up like that? It just came off creepy and I can't really explain why.

- rofl Matt fucking Smith and the soccer ball YET AGAIN. He did his little trick of catching it on his back like he showed Graham Norton! I love that he excitedly shouted "Amy!" after he did it. God, he's five.

- Also rofl the fence painting. Of all the colors in the known universe, he went with dogshit brown? If you're so bored Doctor, paint it again in a color that's actually kind of nice.

- Again rofl - Amy yelling at him to go be busy. I know she didn't get a chance to raise Melody herself but that was such a mom moment. love itttttt

- "Where are my scrubs?"/"In the lounge where you left them." Cue the Doctor's "ugh, TMI" face. they might not have been having sexy times in there! When I come home from work I strip off my uniform right away and then sack out on the futon while Mr. Toxic makes dinner. Maybe Rory does the same? Only Amy would call out "I'm not your servant" and Rory will say "right" and get up and make Pot Noodle for himself. :P

- "How long were they gone?"/"How'd you know they were gone?"/"THEY'RE WEARING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CLOTHES." lol Duh, Doctor. Not everyone's like you and wears the same thing every damn day. At least Ten had like, three outfits.

- Ungh, Kate. At first I was resentful that we were getting a doctor from UNIT who WASN'T Martha Jones but she's the Brig's daughter! *tears up* I love those old Three era episodes with the Brig and Jo. Science leads! (*sings* Triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism!)

Next week: ugggggghhhhhh I got frightened shivers I hate the angels noooooo but i'm really excited too because RIVER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i'msoconflicted

So worth waiting for. I'm sorry I was grumpy about the first two episodes, Doctor Who. I'll never doubt you again. At least until not until next season. :D
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