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Well. That was a thing.

And to think that the problem I had with this episode last week wasn't so much an issue when I finally got to watch it. The dinosaurs and WHY the dinosaurs were there was excellent and really cool, actually. And I liked that they got to ride the triceratops but that it wasn't their little horse and pet. They needed to bribe it with grass covered golf balls. XD That was pretty cool.

I kind of hate that when I watch Doctor Who with my husband, it's inevitably an episode that starts right in the thick of things and he ends up looking over at me in confusion, expecting me to explain and it's always like, "Look, I don't know what's going on either. I have no idea why Nefertiti is here." It looked like BBC America On Demand had cut off some of the beginning so if there was an opening that wasn't Nefertiti slamming the Doctor against the TARDIS to have her way with him, I haven't seen it.

We did love Arthur Weasley though I'm still kind of bemused over why he even had to be there. Then we saw that the ship had to be flown by two people of the same gene chain so I guess that was supposed to justify it but that's... really a stupid way to fly a ship. And couldn't we have gotten River in this episode and then maybe she and Rory could have flown it or she and Amy, maybe? That way we could've seen River (*squee!*) and we wouldn't have had to introduce a new character.

Speaking of which, why was he completely baffled by the Doctor and the TARDIS? I mean, okay, yeah, some bafflement is to be expected. But the Doctor showed up to Amy and Rory's wedding in the TARDIS. I'm not being Comic Book Guy here, right? Him showing up to the wedding was kind of a major plot point. So how the hell could Arthur Weasley have forgotten that?! Was he not present at his own son's wedding?

Filch was groce as always. Does that actor play anyone but really groce people? Someone's getting typecast. And he really deserved his end but okay, didn't this bother anyone else? The guy totally should have had the missiles fire at the other ship to save the dinosaurs but leaving the guy on that ship to die? That's really not the Doctor's style. Maybe the ninth Doctor's but definitely not Eleven's or even Ten's. So I was actually really appalled by that and I'm surprised one of the companions didn't say anything. (I think Rose would have at least.) He essentially just killed a dude. A really repellant dude, granted, but c'mon, this is the guy who tried to save DAVROS and THE MASTER here. I can't help but think that this is the result of the Doctor Who crew becoming too aware of their American audience. People new to the show aren't even going to blink at that death but those of us who are used to the Doctor's pacifism are going to be really unsettled.

Something else that's bothering me: that conversation between the Doctor and Amy about getting left behind, and how she can't really settle on any job, and how she's probably going to die before he does. This is reminding me of back when I read Animorphs. Uh, spoilers for Animorphs in the next paragraph so if you care about a ten year old YA series, maybe stop here. But anyway, the Animorphs were a group of kids fighting a covert war with aliens who were trying to take over the human race. It was pretty gritty and intense, at least as gritty and as intense as K.A. Applegate could get away with, but there was one character named Rachel who really enjoyed the violence. Applegate had pegged Rachel early on as the one to die by the end of the series because every war needs its casualties, right? So to kind of foreshadow that Rachel would be the one to fall, Rachel displayed signs of struggling to be a normal kid around her family and society and that the war and battle consumed her thoughts most of the time. It seems like that's what's happening with Amy now: oh she's going to die, so let's show that her life without traveling with the Doctor was meaningless anyway. Plus there's all those publicity stills they insist on posting everywhere with the Doctor carrying Amy's limp form in his arms. And Arthur Darvill has flat out said that "not everyone is getting out alive." I just... *sigh* I don't know. This is pissing me off.

I did like all the dialogue, particularly the bit about trowels and Christmas lists. I could have done without the big game hunter even though when the dinosaurs started coming up as a gang to get him, I had fun saying "Clever girl." (C'mon, someone had to quote Jurassic Park!) So this episode isn't a complete write-off, just slightly disappointing. Nowhere near as bad as The God Complex but the show has definitely been better. Honestly, I want to let Rory and Amy settle down and have us move on to the new companion.

Next week: Good Christ almighty. Another sign of pandering to the Americans. I hope this is a good episode but I tend to really hate the America based ones because the accents are such shit. Plus cowboys. Ugh. PLEASE COME SAVE US OSWIN.
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