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So! I spent the day at a music festival to see Gotye (no Kimbra but the audience had her verse covered just fine) but I made it home in time to watch some new Who!

I'm not sure how I feel about this episode, honestly. I felt like it was kind of a weird way to kick things off. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained, it's just... I don't know. Maybe because the arcs from the last two seasons have been so strong and this one isn't quite as defined as what came before? Or maybe I'm just feeling peevish since my favorite couple in the history of television were on the brink of divorce. (Hey, I got some self awareness, see?)

I will say that for a Dalek episode, this was pretty darn good. I find Daleks tiresome, I'm sorry. RTD over-used them so now I see them and go "UGHHHH WHYYYYYYYY." But the idea of an asylum for all the damaged Daleks was creative, as was the hollowing out of people and putting in some Dalek consciousness ewwwwwww how groce and brilliant.

Now for some the individual thoughts portion of our review:

- "I'm working."/"Really. I thought you were pouting at a camera." I hated seeing them like this (WHY YOU DO THIS MOFFATT) but I always like snark.

- I loved Oswynn (Oswinn? Ozwyn? It's a cool name but how you spell?!) and I loved her cute shoes and I loved that she drowned out Dalek bullshit with Carmen and kept a recorded diary and failed at souffles and sassed the Doctor and flirted with Rory and I just loved her, okay? Now, I'd like the Ozwyn the Human Dalek spin-off series, please. (Fridays on BBC right after the Adventures of Madame Vastra and Jenny. *makes big eyes at the Moffatt*)

- Okay, I know how we're all supposed to be grossed out by Daleks finding hate beautiful (and frankly, why on earth are you surprised, Doctor?) but that line: "That must be why we haven't been able to kill you"? SICK BURN. HAH!

- "What color?" *everyone stares* "All the good questions were taken!" Awww, he still felt the need to contribute. Bless.

- "Eggs?" Ugh, why must you carry the Idiot Ball, Rory?! What catchphrase do the Daleks frequently shout which begins with "Ex?" If it'd been me, I would've started running. "Ex." YEAH OKAY BYE DECREPIT DALEKS.

- I kind of called Rory attempting to give his protective bracelet to Amy. However, the "well you're completely loveless so it'll work slower on me" thing was a surprise. What a gross thing to say. I'd been glaring at the screen during the other Rory slap moments but he really earned that one. She saved you from drowning! She ripped apart time for you! She chose you over the Doctor! She loves you, man, and frankly I can see how easily you two fell apart if you're going to continue to be so fucking insecure. I'm really glad she handed him his ass. Though I'm irritated with her reasoning for leaving him, too. Did they really not have a conversation about this? "Uh oh, Rory, those fucks left me infertile. I can't bear our children. Do you still want to be with me?"/"That's sad, Amy, and I'm sorry. I love you very much, though. Maybe we can adopt a child who really needs a home? I mean, not right away but someday when we both feel ready." Hmmm. Now I'm kind of tilting my head over being so angry at Rory because what else was he supposed to think when she randomly broke up with him without giving him this reason? There's too much going on here. *head in hands* Oh well, I cried anyway so they all got what they wanted out of their audience.

- Thank you for erasing the Dalek's memory, Ozwin! Does that mean we never have to see them again? :DDDDD

- Aaaaaand final thought: Is the repetition of the show's title going to be a big thing this year? I'd like to skip that, please. Thanks.

Next week: Okay, the dinosaurs on the spaceship. Um. I always think of this Calivin and Hobbes comic. "This is SO cool!"/"This is SO stupid." (for the record, I'm kinda with Hobbes but I'm willing to give the next episode a shot. Mostly for Filch and Nefertiti though.)


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