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Last night I finally had the desire and energy to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special and it was well worth it. :) I like when shows are charming and entertaining.

I really love the Arwell family. They were so cute. Especially little Cyril who probably should have annoyed me but he wasn't precocious in an obnoxious way. Maybe because he's British? Maybe British people would find him annoying but I like him anyway? Kind of like how I had no interest in an American Skins because there are already enough American teen wangst tv shows, thanks.

Anyway, about Doctor Who. I loved his tour of the house he'd modified and his repetition of "I KNOW!" And I totally want that child's bedroom and I'm a grown up. Though I'd probably topple right out of a hammock just like the Doctor. Coordination: I don't have it.

Also neat was the gift box leading to the Christmas tree world. What a pretty world! Leave it to humans to want to destroy it. Nice subtle environmentalism message there, DW writers. :P (I poke fun, but I am a tree hugger. I blame it on my second grade teacher reading us the Lorax and my repeated viewings of FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Plus, you know, basic science understanding that trees create oxygen which we kinda need to survive.)

Though those people were there to melt the forest down, I liked them, too. Usually these offical people in uniform on DW are two-dimensional figures but from what we could see of them, you got a pretty good gleaning of what their personalities were actually like. That was pretty cool. I especially liked the woman who was like "Yeah, I'm not pointing a loaded gun at a CRYING WOMAN OKAY"

And can we talk about that scene? I like when characters are unexpectedly kick-assy. Like the crying I'm guessing probably wasn't 100% faked since she was frustrated and upset but she used that crying time to think and then out with the gun! I also loved the dude scoffing that she wouldn't use it and she was like "OH YEAH WELL I'M LOOKING FOR MY KIDS" and then he gets that look of horror. We all known mamma bears kill for their cubs and mamma humans aren't all that different. I get snarly about potential babies, can you imagine me when I actually have them??

The "twist" was such a face palming moment. Gee, the crown doesn't work on Cyril or the Doctor because they're weak. It sorta works on Lily but she isn't quite strong enough. GEE, WHO SHOULD WEAR THE CROWN TO SAVE THE TREES? WHAT IS THE PATTERN HERE? I actually glared at the screen and said "Really?" out loud. For someone who can wax philosophical about the human condition ("Why should they be happy now when they'll just be sad later/"Ah, crying when happy, such a human thing") he sure can be a doofus sometimes.

Then yay, Mom flew the ship with a head full of trees and provided the light to lead dad's plane home. What, you don't do this every Christmas, too?

And of course, the end where the Doctor shows up on the Ponds' doorstep. *hands over heart* That made me so happy. I love that Amy was going to douse carolers with a water pistol but what really made it for me was when Rory came out and was like, "You were dead" and Amy says "We already did that" and he goes "Ah" in understanding. Because in my head, I heard them planning to fuck with the Doctor when he eventually showed up again and it being Amy's idea and Rory looking at her admiringly and saying "You're so Scottish." Because I love them and their coupley-ness. (Shut up, spell checker, that's a word.) I also loved Amy admitting that River had told them that he'd faked his death and when he said all sulkily, "Of course she did" Amy snaps, "SHE'S A GOOD GIRL." *squees happily to self* I really want to see more Pond family moments and since I'm spoiler-free, I'm worried that that won't happen. :( (Er, I'd like to stay spoiler-free, thank you. I stopped following Doctor Who communities because of the spoilers.)

In conclusion: Solid episode, made better with a quick shot of Rory in one of Mr. Rogers' sweaters. Not as good as last year's but, hey, what are ya gonna do? Last year's was the best DW Christmas special ever and that's going to be hard to top.


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