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Now that... was a darn good episode.

We're down to the wire, the Doctor's last day, and man does that guy get shit done. Give him a to-do list and he'll do everything on it plus the things you were considering adding at a later date. I got up later than I wanted to and so downloaded this late and made the mistake of trying to watch it before going to work. Needless to say, I didn't finish. So imagine watching River Song shoot the Doctor down after they get married and having to then shut it off for five hours. Yeah. I was on pins and needles to put it lightly.

Anyway, let's move on to the list!

- Is it bad that I kind of want to live in the world where all time is happening at once? Pterodactyls in the park and cars attached to balloons? Christmas specials on tv written by and starring Charles Dickens? Sign me the hell up.

- Hahaha, that was Meredith Viera! For once, this show didn't use that terrible "American" news anchorwoman and in fact got a real, legit tv personality. I'm all impressed by this show now, even if it's for a silly reason.

- Aw, the poor Doctor and his groadie beard of fug. It was cool how he kept aging while no one else did. It reminded me of Daybreak; everything would reset and everyone would be all hunky dory but Hopper would still be suffering from a gunshot wound and have a five o'clock shadow.

- The eyepatch is explained! Pretty cool explanation, too. I was kind of wondering why she'd want to wear something like that and declare that she's the good guy taking out a horrible enemy while looking like a 1940's villain.

- So why wouldn't Amy and Rory not know that they're married? Actually, don't mansplain it to me, I'll just watch the episode again. I kind of love that she sees Rory as some Jack Harkness style hunk in her mind so the reality doesn't even sink in that Captain Williams is in fact, her Rory.

- Speaking of, random Jack and Rose mentions! I smiled but rolled my eyes. Like Jack's gonna get married. Like the Doctor would really trust himself to go back into Rose Tyler's timeline and fuck up how they first met. Pffft. But maybe he's stopped thinking she walks on water since he married River? (God I hope so. )

- Hey, the Megazord people are back! And I actually said out loud after the dude asked if there were anything they could do to help, "Hey, what if you guys build a Doctor robot so he can send that out and avoid death?" Then I dismissed it since if I thought of it, there's no way the writers would do that. Plus they were all insistent in interviews that the Doctor totally dies, you guys, for reals.

- I teared up when we find out the Brig is dead. :( I knew the actor had passed (not that long before Lis Sladen if I'm remembering correctly) but seeing it on the Doctor's face was heartbreaking. Good ol' Brig.

- Hey, the blue man's back! And he's a head! I guess his species goes on living after being decapitated? Kind of like a Pylean, I guess. (Is that what Lorne's people were called? I know the world was called Pylea. It's been awhile since I've watched Angel.)

- Whose brilliant idea was it to put all those creepy big-headed Silence fuckers all in one place? Nice call there, slick.

- I love that Amy strode into the room and introduced herself as Amelia Pond. That's such an awesome name.

- Can we get more scenes with the Doctor as an awkward matchmaker? He's so unintentionally hilarious.

- Rory was going to face the badness all by himself! Even though he was in excruciating pain but only displaying it in one hand! Fuck the haters, Rory Williams is so much more fucking awesome then you guys will ever hope to be. Ever.

- "Rory Williams, the Man Who Dies and Dies Again." Wow, what an awful moniker. I'd be insisting on The Last Centurion if I were him.

- "Know that she will never come back for you." And who's there with a machine gun? Ms. Amelia Pond, for the win. (Does anyone say that anymore? Man, abandon fandom discourse for a few years and you miss all the new hip slang.)

- I'd be a horrible companion. Because I would've left Eyepatch Lady there (I keep wanting to call her Madame Kevorkian and I know that's not right. Slightly apt but not right.) and I wouldn't have had any regrets later. She stole Amy's baby and trained her to kill her best friend! That assface can fry for all I damn well care and I'm gonna sleep well at night. I'm not a good person, I know. :/

- Is it weird that while they were all on the top of the pyramid and River's eyes are glittering with tears, I was suddenly struck by how beautiful Alex Kingston is? It felt a little inappropriate but I stopped thinking of her as an awesome character or how fun and foofy here hair is and really looked at her face and eyes and... wow. She's really beautiful. :)

- It also warmed my heart that everyone outside the planet who got the distress signal were like "Fuck yeah, we wanna help the Doctor." Kind of an about face from how everyone wanted to lock him in a box LAST YEAR but hey, whatever, I'm easy. It made me happy.

- I wish my husband and I could've been married the way the Doctor and River were. So easy and simple and we wouldn't have had to pay for an officiant!

- Aaaaaaaaaand the Doctor sent his robot to the death. And apparently River doesn't actually know the Doctor's name? So what does she whisper in Ten's ear in the library then? "You're a big robot?" No wonder he looks at her all weird, lol.

- The question is Doctor Who? GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. That totally was in plain sight and I feel so ridiculously thick for not realizing it earlier. *face palms forever* And there I was feeling all clever for calling the twist earlier on and I couldn't get something as simple as, oh, I don't know, THE SHOW'S TITLE? Damn it, self.

- So next year... is the show going to be about Doctor backstory hints and stuff? Gee, that's not going to be polarizing at all to the fanbase. (I for one am sort of sick of the Mysterious Stranger WoooOOOOooooOOO mythos so I'm all for knowing more about the dude since all I got are bowties are cool and he keeps trying to make hats happen.)

As always, I have most likely forgotten stuff but eh, whatcha gonna do. Wait eagerly for December, I suppose.
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