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I kind of had a feeling I wouldn't really like this episode during the promos last week. Of course, I was more concerned about feeling frightened. But then we saw the bad fake gorilla (who apparently flushes???) and my heart sort of sank in disappointment. I guess the Eleven era was about due for a clunker episode and this felt like one for about half of it. BUT. The last half sort of saved it. Because we're finally breaking down this bullshit "Lonely God" thing the Doctor's built over the years.

I think some of what he said to Amy was true, when they were in the fear room and he was telling her she needed to let go of her faith in him. (Or I guess "hero worship" would be pretty applicable as well.) About how he brought her along with him because he's vain? That's not the whole reason of course. He does get lonely and tends to do stupid shit when he's on his own *coughcoughwatersofmarscoughcough* but... there's a reason he tends to take credulous, young human women with him. "Hey baby, wanna see my TARDIS? Yeah, I'm the cleverest bloke in the room, check out my bowtie, it's cool." Okay, maybe he's not a skeezy slimeball like I just described but the key word there is human. Typically humans from a time period where interplanetary travel is only done by robots, not people. So the whole "space" thing is incredibly awesome and he gets to puff himself up and look proud that he's out-awesomeing everyone. (Which is kind of like those people who graduate from school and... keep hanging out with high schoolers.) ((Also, I know that he said that he likes taking humans because through their wonder he can better appreciate the awesomeness of what he gets to live but c'mon people can have more than one motivation and we know the fucker's dark because hey, remember the Dream Lord? Yeah.))

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I like it when the Doctor is fallible and when he's knocked down a few pegs. I'm still deeply sad to see Rory and Amy go away, though. :( Because I love them. I may have been shy about expressing that lately...

Final thought: Just a few days ago, I showed my husband that Doctor Who's On Demand so he can catch up. I know he won't but he deeply irritated me last week when he came in during The Girl Who Waited and was like "Whoa, how did Rory come back? He died and all memory of him was erased!" I didn't feel like explaining what happened (and um, in all honesty I don't really understand it well enough to explain it) so I pointed him toward the episodes to catch up. For some reason, he and I ended up watching The Lodger, which he loved. And during the episode I thought, "I wonder if Craig's gonna be the next companion..." So during the scenes for next week, I may or may not have shit a brick. If we have to lose the combined pretty power of Amy and Rory, I'm okay with getting Craig as a replacement.

For real final though: Heh, David Walliams. He was using his Lou voice from Little Britain! I kind of expected him to say they were in a "bit of a kerfuffle."
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