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Yeah... I'm kinda glad I saved this one for AFTER work because I don't need some of this imagery in my head while I'm walking about in the dark.

Wow, George pretty much had the exact same childhood as me, at least when it comes to fear. I had some pretty hardcore fear and I would have LOVED having the Doctor come save me from them. Only I was afraid of men, too.

Doctor: Hello, I'm here to help Toxic!
Toxic Mom: Yeah, swell. But um, she's kind of afraid of men.
Doctor: Good thing I'm not a man, then!

So anyway, I related to George big time, although my parents didn't take the things that scared me and stuff them in my closet. They took them away from me and got rid of them. Which is actually a better strategy than KEEPING THE FEAR RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM. They're out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Jesus. :( Poor George. And then the big reveal that George is an alien cuckoo (of course, it's always aliens) felt familiar too since I think nearly every kid at one point or another feels like their parents never really wanted them. It's downright eerie how this incarnation of Doctor Who seems to really, truly remember what it was like to be a child. It's not all video games, candy, and fun folks. Childhood fucking sucked and I'm glad to be an adult.

Anyway, onto little details...

- I like how when Alex says "Why's he always so scared?" it's played more as upset bewilderment and not angry "Why the fuck doesn't that little shit go to sleep?" So right off I knew he was a good parent. :)

- At one point when someone was watching tv, it sounded like Karen doing the voice of the television presenter. Was it? Is this something that was mentioned on DW Confidential? (I really should start watching that but it's a whole extra thing to download and makes me whine in annoyance just thinking of having to do it.)

- Again, I praise Matt Smith. He's a baby compared to previous Doctors but he has this wonderful air of kindness and capability so that whenever he's on screen with children, it feels right and you don't get any creepy pedo vibes. Not that I think any past Doctors were pedos. But anyway, when he shows up in George's doorway, you just feel this huge sense of relief. Like, good, the Doctor's here, and we know he'll set everything right. I think I need a Doctor. :/

- Who else knew immediately that Amy and Rory were in a dollhouse? *raises hand* C'mon, Amy. You made dolls of you and the Doctor your entire life and you don't recognize a dollhouse when you're in one? I can't believe it took coming face to face with a big faced Jay Leno dolly for you to get it. No points for you.

- Is it bad that my first thought when the old lady got sucked into the garbage was "EWWWWWWWWWW" rather than any kind of terror and/or sympathy? I work with garbage every day but I sure wouldn't want to be covered in it. Not enough "do not want" in the universe.

- I love how they just gently nudged the dolls away with various implements. In an American show, they'd be trying to bash the shit out of them. I'm not knocking America or anything but... if something's scaring me, I'm punching the god damn thing in the face.

- I also love how when the slumlord got sucked into the floor Bernard the Ugly Dog couldn't have given less of a shit. It gave me giggles.

- Anyone else tear up when the daddy hugged George and told him that no matter what, he was his son and was never ever gonna send him away? Well, you should have, you robot.

- Next week looks vaguely upsetting and bewildering. I'm reserving judgement until then. I'm just "bwuh" at this point since it looks like it takes place on the set of Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" video.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's all that's coming to mind right now. I probably forgot lots of shit (like "Seventeen hundred something"/"Oooh, my favorite year") but I'm tired and have work tomorrow and blah blah blah lamesauce adult shit. At least Mr. Toxic comes home from his trip and I can inform him that he doesn't get to leave again. \O/


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