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So Doctor Who happened today, didn't it? :D

I need to start trusting my instincts better when it comes to this show. Like when I think, "Mels acts a lot like River" I should then immediately think "Oh, because this is one of River's regenerations." C'MON SELF. YOU'RE LAYING DOWN ON THE JOB.

And once again, I'm blown away by the utterly cool ideas Moffatt & co. dream up. A justice patrol traveling through time punishing war criminals? And they shrink themselves down to travel around in like, a chameleon Megazord? I would have nerdgasmed if I were in possession of a geek peen.

Anyway, yeah, Hitler. I'm kind of glad that though his name is in the title, the episode wasn't actually about him. Bit of a relief there. I kept thinking this was going to be a weird crossover episode where Team TARDIS pairs up with The Inglourious Basterds to kill Hitler and honestly, I love my innocent TARDIS team too much to wish that on them. (The Doctor would've frowny-faced all over that plan, man. And if he'd been Ten, he would've emo-ed and then fucked up their plan while explaining about fixed points in time blah blah and then said "I'm sorry,I'm so sorry" and I would've put my foot through the computer screen. Have I mentioned lately that I love Eleven? Because I do.)

Can I also just quickly say how glad I am that for once it wasn't Rory ending up dead? It looks like he makes a reference next week to the phenomena of frequent death which I heartily approve of. Self awareness is always a positive.

Other random bits of love:

- Gee, you think what he whispered in River's ear was the same thing 10.5 whispered to Rose on the beach? For never getting laid, that man sure gets a lot of ass.
- How Amy/Rory happened. D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HE LOVED NO ONE BUT AMY AND SHE WAS TOO DENSE TO SEE IT! Flashing back to early courtship of me and my husband... (I actually DID think he was gay as a matter of fact.)
- The crop circle. Oh, you guys. Never stop cute-ing.
- "I have nothing to wear. TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!"
- Rory's imitation of Amy's accent. "Clews?"
- Wee!Rory had the same haircut I did when I was wee!Toxic. Poor Rory. Did your mom cut your hair, too? :(
- The Doctor always being a step ahead of Melody switching the guns around.
- "I'm not Amelia Pond. I'm a voice interface."/ "You'll be fine for 31 minutes. You will die in 32 minutes."
- "Is there anyone in the universe I haven't screwed up, yet??" I love that Martha is included in there. Because she was royally fucked over for HAVING TO MARRY MICKEY WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! Ugh, c'mon self, calm down. Remember your theory? It was just the Sontaran clone. It didn't melt after all; someone scooped her up into a Jello Mold and handed her to Mickey, that's all.
- The Sisters of the Infinite Schism before they become kitties!
- Silence falls when the question is asked. What's the question? Unknown. Reading a bit of Douglas Adams, folks? I know the answer's 42 at least. Here's what the question might be: How many regenerations does the Doctor have now that River has given him all of hers? Clever way to keep the show going once we reach the deadline of 12. (Or 13. Because if he gets twelve regenerations there should be 13 doctors. If he gets 12 incarnations then yeah, the show stops with Twelve. Is it obvious that I've thought of this a lot? My job is dull and monotonous; I get all my best thinking done when I'm washing dishes and scrubbing floors.)

And that's all I can think of for now. I'm probably missing a million things I loved (like Rory's line about being inside his giant wife being a metaphor) but it is late and I am tired. Bottom line: I love my spacey show.
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